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 By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Email Marketing benefits. Appreciate the benefits of Email Marketing campaigns for their business

  • Campaign Methodology. Describe the different stages of an Email Marketing campaign development process

  • Legal Compliance. Comply with local and global legislative requirements when designing and executing Email Marketing campaigns

  • Database Structure. Design the structure of the database they will use to store their recipients' information

  • Building your mailing listBuild a database of contacts by offline and online lead generation

  • Goal Setting. Set well defined goals for every Email Marketing campaign designed

  • Tailor your message. Develop an optimized message to be sent for best campaign performance

  • Targeting. Apply targeting strategies and techniques to make message more relevant to specific market segments

  • Measure performance​. Measure the performance of their Email Marketing campaigns and identify areas of weaknesses

  • Social Media Integration. Integrate Email Marketing promotional activities with promotional activities on Social Media Networks

  • Email Marketing tool. Use our state of the art Email Marketing tool to design and execute Email Marketing campaigns 

An overview of this Email Marketing course

Email Marketing training course in Cyprus

The purpose of the program is to help participants learn how to design and execute Email Marketing campaigns with the use of an Email Marketing tool.

The course covers a wide variety of topics that will equip participants with the knowledge and the skills necessary to manage their activities at all stages of the campaign development: from building their contacts database  with legal compliance to email preparation and performance measurement.

Business Training and Seminars on Email Marketing

​Learn how to run email marketing campaigns to generate more leads and build strong relations


the trainer

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With a vast professional experience, Panayiotis has been actively involved in business consulting, teaching and training for the past 20 years and his area of specialty is Marketing, e-business and technology Learn More >>>