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About this Email Marketing course

The purpose of the program is to help participants learn how to design and execute Email Marketing campaigns with the use of an Email Marketing tool.

The course covers a wide variety of topics that will equip participants with the knowledge and the skills necessary to manage their activities at all stages of the campaign development: from building their contacts database  with legal compliance to email preparation and performance measurement.

Business Training and seminars on Email Marketing

​Learn how to run email marketing campaigns to generate more leads and build strong relations

Dates: ​-

Time Table: 14:00-19:00

Length: 20 hours     

Location: City Unity College, Nicosia, Cyprus     

Language: Greek      

​​Fees: ​Upon request

The program is partly funded by HrDA according to eligibility criteria, with 8 seats reserved for long term unemployed participants

​​​​The learning outcomes of this Email Marketing course

With the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Tailor your message

Develop an optimized message to be sent for best campaign performance


Apply targeting strategies and techniques to make message more relevant to specific market segments

Measure performance​

Measure the performance of their Email Marketing campaigns and identify areas of weaknesses

Social Media Integration

Integrate Email Marketing promotional activities with promotional activities on Social Media Networks

Email Marketing tool
Use our state of the art Email Marketing tool to design and execute Email Marketing campaigns

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Email Marketing course

​​Email Marketing benefits

Appreciate the benefits of Email Marketing campaigns for their business

Campaign Methodology

Describe the different stages of an Email Marketing campaign development process

Legal Compliance

Comply with local and global legislative requirements when designing and executing Email Marketing campaigns

Database Structure

Design the structure of the database they will use to store their recipients' information

Building your mailing list

Build a database of contacts by offline and online lead generation

Goal Setting

Set well defined goals for every Email Marketing campaign designed

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