About digital Google Analytics

Digital Analytics is about obtaining data from the digital world in order for a business to make informed decisions. Putting it in simple words, it is about measuring how well you are doing in the digital world. Learning more about your visitors, how they behave on your website and the sources of traffic that drive successful conversions.

We can help you identify those Key Performance Indicators that are critical to your business success and put in place the right digital reporting that will help you measure your online performance and take thoughtful decisions.

Get the insight you need for informed decisions with Google Analytics

Page views
Identify how many visits each of your pages gets and how much time visitors spend on it. Find out which are the most popular and which are the least popular ones.

Measure your pages' speed
Measure the time each of your pages needs to load. This is a very important factor that affects your SEO effectiveness  

Referρing URLs
Discover who's sending traffic to your website (search engine, directories, other websites etc).

Track conversions

Calculate the percentage of successful sales and identify traffic sources with most conversions 

Digital Analytics thoughtful decisions

Use Google Analytics to measure how well you are doing online

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Digital Google Analytics

Number of visitors
View how many visitors and unique visitors visited your website over a specific period of time, how many pages they visited and the duration of their visit

Visitor demographics
Learn more about your visitors. View their location (country, city) and their language.

Visitor technology

Learn more about the technology they are using. Get information about their PC operating system, their browser their mobile device type and their Internet connection provider 

Visitor path
Learn more about the path your visitors follow on your website and the pages they see from entry to exit.

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