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Google Analytics course

About this Google Analytics course

The purpose of the program is to help participants learn how to set up and use Google Analytics to measure the performance of their website and gain insight on visitor's behaviour.

The Google Analytics course will equip the participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to measure their business' online performance and hence effectively manage it. 

Course details

Business Training and seminars on Google Analytics

Learn how to measure your website performance and ​get insight on how your visitors behave

The learning outcomes of this Digital Analytics course
With the completion of the course, participants will be able to

Dates: ​-

Time Table: 14:00-19:00

Length: 20 hours     

Location: City Unity College, Nicosia, Cyprus     

Language: Greek      

​​Fees: ​Upon request

The program is partly funded by HrDA according to eligibility criteria, with 8 seats reserved for long term unemployed participants

​​​Set up your Analytics Account

Set up Google Analytics and get started collecting digital analytics data

Reporting Analytics

Describe the different Google Analytics reports that are available in Google Analytics

Traffic Sources

Identify their traffic sources and learn where are visitors that are converting the most are coming from

Visitor Behaviour
​Track their visitors' behaviour and learn what they are doing on their website

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Identify the percentage of visitors on their website that convert

Successful Traffic Sources

Identify the sources of traffic that enhance conversions


Identify website strengths and weaknesses in terms of Search Engine Optimization

AdWords Performance

Measure performance of advertizing campaigns that run in Google AdWords​