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Students view everything in their account

Students once signed in their accounts, they will be able to view their personal information, their selected modules, their grades and submit their assignments

Formulate and control class size

As student registrations come in, the platform will continually monitor the class availability, notify administration and restrict future registrations if necessary

Print documents

Print students' related information such as a transcript with a click of a button.

Eliminate mistakes

People make mistakes. Machines don't. Automation and optimization of processes using technology will minimize errors, defects and deficiencies. 

Communicate and collaborate
Enable your people to improve their communication and collaboration. Send an email to all students of the school, or to all students of a specific programme or even to all students attending a specific module

Keep a track on payments made

Follow up on payments made and make sure that all of your student accounts are in good standing in terms of payments 

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Functionality to better manage your school processes, students and faculty

An online management system for your school

No hardware installed at your school

Our school management solution is fully online. No need to install anything at your premises. All you have to do is open your browser, sign in to the platform and work.

Secure and GDPR compliant

All of your school's data is securely stored, accessed and processed according to EU's GDPR policies. No need to worry about backups, lost data and equipment failures.  

Setup the modules of each programme

Setup the modules of each of the programmes you deliver. Set dates, prerequisites, faculty and an overview of each module.

Students make their registrations online

Students will be able to securely sign in and select the specific modules they want to attend. If prerequisites are not met, their registration will not be validated. 

Faculty assess and organize classes

Faculty will be able to share class notes, take student attendance and set assignment deadlines

It's all in auto-mode

The system keeps monitoring all modules passed for each student and tags student as graduate once all required modules are passed and required credits earned

A custom made school management platform 

Our school management system is designed just for you, to match your specific requirements

About our school management system

Running a school is challenging and complicated. You need to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effectively ensuring the complete satisfaction of your students while meeting their predefined learning outcomes at the same time.

We have been working for some time now, with many schools, colleges and universities in delivering online school management solutions and systems that help them automate their operations, reduce cost, eliminate mistakes and become greener and more environment-friendly. Powered by our state of the art education platform, these solutions address all requirements of today's educational institutions and give them an effective administration tool to manage their students, faculty, classrooms and all of their processes organization-wide.