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By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Put in place a Promotional Plan. Design a complete promotional plan for promoting their business online with success 

  • Internet Promotion Vs Traditional Promotion. Appreciate the advantages of Online Promotion and Internet Marketing as opposed to traditional forms of promotion

  • Online Reputation. Adopt effective corporate communication tactics for managing their reputation online in different digital channels 

  • SEO. Carry out Search Engine Optimization activities to create buzz online

  • Email Marketing Campaigns. Execute Email Marketing campaigns to strengthen brand and customer relations

  • Social Media Optimization. Optimize their business Social Media networks to enhance their business brand and drive traffic to their website

  • Identify Reputation Threats. Monitor digital environment and identify reputational threats

  • Issue Management. Understand how an issue can evolve to a crisis

  • Crisis Management. Manage a crisis to limit its effect on the reputation and brand of their business

  • Blogging & Content Marketing. Appreciate the power Blogging and Content Marketing has on the promotional efforts of a business

  • Landing Page Optimization. Determine the key elements of a landing page in order to enhance conversions  

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Business Training and Seminars on Reputation Management

Build your reputation and brand with effective corporate communications

An overview of this Reputation Management course

The purpose of this Reputation Management course is to help participants learn how to manage their reputation online with success. Building a strong reputation online is a must for enabling businesses deal and manage crises effectively. 
The course is also focused on the tactics and the tools used to establish effective corporate communications for enhancing brand awareness

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