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About the Cyprus virtual office solution

​You can establish your business presence in Cyprus with either a real or a virtual office. This business office solution, includes all necessary facilities for your business to function fast and smoothly without any problems so that you start doing business right away. With a virtual office on the other hand, you can do business from Cyprus without being here or having a physical presence in Cyprus.

What ever your requirements are, we can help you set up your business the way you want

Get a business physical address and virtual office in Cyprus

Establish your business in Cyprus with a physical business address and a complete virtual office solution  

Get a mailbox in Cyprus for correspondence purposes. We can forward your received mail to any destination in the world. A flexible pricing scheme is available depending on your requirements.

​Local/international domain name and email
Get a local or international domain name (web address) that matches your specific locale requirements. You may want to get for example www.yourbusiness.com.cy / info@yourbusiness.com.cy for a presence in Cyprus.

​No upfront investment
No upfront investment to get your business started. All you pay is a monthly fee for as long as your business uses the office. That gives you the flexibility to optimize your business operations and reduce your financial risk.​

Establish your virtual office in Cyprus 

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What you can get with our virtual office solution

A variety of components to establish your business office in Cyprus

A complete office solution

Get a ready office with all necessary facilities (furnitures, telecommunications, IT, etc) to get your business started right away, fast, easy and hassle free. All you have to worry about is how to better run your own business.

Virtual Address

Get a Cyprus address for your business without having a physical presence in Cyprus. A real business address that can be used for correspondence and company registration purposes.

Virtual local/international phone number

Get a phone/fax number in Cyprus or anywhere else in the world without having a physical presence. We can cover your phone/fax number requirements in more than 200 countries worldwide. Contact us to provide available number range to choose from. Easy to remember numbers vary slightly in cost

Establish your real or virtual office in cyprus