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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email

Email, collaborate and work from anywhere

  • Access your Outlook from anywhere. Have access to your Outlook mail, contacts, tasks and calendar from wherever there is an Internet connection. Access them from the office, home, while abroad, even while on the move. Just open your browser, log in and see your Outlook in front of you.

  • On the air access and synchronization. Synchronize of your emails, tasks, contacts and calendar, with your mobile device (Blackberry or any other smartphone device). Synchronization is not via wire or Bluetooth. Your mobile device will be continuously synchronized via cell network. Add a new Contact using your office PC and you will immediately appear your mobile device. 

  • Your data is safe. All these applications with your data sit on our secure servers. That means that in case of a failure on your local PC, none of your data (emails, contacts, calendar events) will be lost. Simply because they are hosted on the Microsoft secure site.

  • Getting a new mobile phone? Don't worry! You get all of your emails, contacts, calendar meeting, tasks on your new mobile device, with a click of a button. Just imagine that!

  • Anti-theft protection. Protect your personal information stored on your mobile device in case you lose it or it gets stolen. Log in to your Hosted Exchange Online account click a button and erase all information from your mobile device remotely

About Hosted Exchange Email 

Take advantage of all the benefits a corporate class email has to offer: Mobility, security, speed, reliability, improved collaboration. Have access to your emails, your calendar and your contacts from your PC and your mobile devices. Just open your browser, log in and see your Outlook with all your emails, meetings and contacts.
An ideal solution for every business no matter how big or small it is. A Pay as you go model ensures that no high initial investment or any hardware/software installation is required.