By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • A Complete Plan. Design a complete Digital Marketing promotional plan for promoting their business online with success

  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing. Appreciate the advantages of Online Promotion and Internet Marketing as opposed to traditional forms of promotion

  • Organic & paid promotion. Distinguish Organic forms of online promotion from other paid forms of online promotion

  • Search Engine Optimization. Carry out Search Engine Optimization activities to enable their website's listing in search engine results

  • Email Marketing Campaigns. Execute Email Marketing campaigns to generate leads and build long-term relations with their clients

  • Social Media Optimization. Optimize their business Social Media networks to enhance their business brand and drive traffic to their website

  • Promote on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to build their business social presence and organically promote their products and services

  • Pay Per Click Advertizing. Carry out targeted Pay Per Click advertising campaigns on selected promotional channels and specifically Facebook

  • Blogging & Content Marketing. Appreciate the power Blogging and Content Marketing has on the promotional efforts of a business.

  • Google AdWords. Describe how Google Adwords can help businesses carry out targeted advertizing campaigns


  • Conversion Rate Optimization. Determine the key elements of a landing page in order to enhance conversions 

  • Digital Analytics. Measure the performance of their promotional efforts on their different Social Networks and their own business website


the trainer

With a vast professional experience, Panayiotis has been actively involved in business consulting, teaching and training for the past 20 years and his area of specialty is Marketing, e-business and technology Learn More >>>

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Learn how to promote your business online and generate more leads and sales

Business Training and Seminars on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing training course Seminar in Cyprus

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An overview of this Digital Marketing course

The purpose of this Digital Marketing course is to help participants learn how to promote their business online with success and generate more leads and sales.
It covers a wide area of topics related to Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Banner Advertizing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click advertizing and many more. 
It's a holistic approach to Digital Marketing, that covers everything you need to know to promote your business and products  online with success.