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Web design seminar course in Cyprus

​This is a practical

web design workshop

This is not about learning. This is about doing! You will be working on designing your own real website, so be sure to come prepared.

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By the end of the Web Design course, participants will be able to:

  • A Types of Online Web Presence. Describe the different types of online web presence a business can have

  • Website Vs Facebook page. Compare the characteristics of a website in contrast to a Facebook page 

  • Web Design Challenges. Overcome problems, difficulties and challenges that may appear while designing and building their website 

  • Web Design Best Practices. Apply general web design guidelines and best practices for achieving an optimum web design result

  • Necessary Skills and Knowledge. Describe the skills and knowledge necessary for successful web design  

  • Web Design methodology. Describe the steps to follow for an effective web design

  • Landing Pages. Design landing pages to enhance promotional conversions on their website

  • Business Requirements Analysis. Analyze their business requirements in terms of an online presence

  • The right Structure. Determine the structure their website should have 

  • Aesthetics. Appreciate the importance of aesthetics in web design

  • Domain Name RegistrationRegister a domain name that best identifies their business nature

  • Website Builder. Use our state of the art website builder and build their dream website

  • Build your Web Site. Set up their personal or business website and customize it accordingly

  • Build a Mobile Web site. Build a mobile version of their website accessible by all mobile devices

With a vast professional experience, Panayiotis has been actively involved in business consulting, teaching and training for the past 20 years and his area of specialty is Marketing, e-business and technology Learn More >>>

Business Training and Seminars on Web Design

The purpose of this web design training course is to help participants learn how to design and build their own professional website fast and easy.

The web design course is divided in two sections: A theoretical part with web design guidelines and a second section with a hands-on web design workshop that will allow participants to work and build their own website using our state of the art website builder. It's so easy anyone can do it. All that is required is basic PC skills.

Learn how to build your own professional website fast and easy. No technical skills required.


the trainer

An overview of this Web design course

Select your style and we will help you customize it and bring your dream website to life.

Couldn't find a theme that you liked? No prob! Just show us a website that you really liked and we'll help you design it from scratch in no time. 

  • Have a clear idea of the business/personal objectives you want to achieve 

  • Describe the different products/services/ideas you want to promote through your website​​

  • Bring your laptop and mouse with you

  • Work on your website beyond training course hours 

Choose from hundreds of design ideas the own that matches your preferences