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This is not just a training course. This is a workshop designed to help you, not only learn how to build an E-shop, but actually build one. So, in this context, you will need to:

  • Have your logo with you
  • Have photos, descriptions and prices of 10 of your products
  • Bring your laptop and mouse with you. Don't forget this is a hands on workshop. We'll be working on your E-shop most of the time
  • Work on your E-shop beyond training course hours 
  • Be prepared to put additional effort on beyond normal training hours


On successful completion a "E-shop Design Specialist" certificate will be awarded

Meet the trainer

Manage Customers

Build your client database and be able to carry out targetted promotional campaigns based on specific criteria

Payment Processing 

Enable the desired method of payment and set get paid with a click of a button

Stock control

Manage their stock control and get notifications when minimum stock quantities are reached

Internal Processes

Build your internal processes, for order management, logistics and return policy

Accounting integration

Integrate your E-shop with your accounting software (US only)

No technical skills required

Set up an e-Shop after developing the required skills and knowledge

About this E-shop development course

The purpose of the program is to help participants learn how to design and build their own E-shop and start selling their products online fast and easy.

The course is divided into two sections: A theoretical part covering the business plan and the business fundamentals and a second section with a hands-on workshop that will allow participants work and build their own E-shop using our state of the art Shopping cart.

Panayiotis Kyriakou

​Certified Trainer & Consultant on Digital Marketing

With a vast professional experience, Panayiotis has been actively involved in business consulting, teaching and training for the past 15 years and his area of specialty is Marketing, e-business and technology. More >>

E-shop development training course

​​​​The learning outcomes of this E-shop course

With the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Business Plan

Describe the key business success factors in developing an online e-commerce business 

E-commerce legal requirements

Understand the legal requirements for establishing and running an E-shop

Web Design

Design the look and feel of the E-shop and organize the layout of the product page

Shipping & Taxes

Set the required shipping destinations and respective taxes 


Upload E-shop products along with relevant photos, descriptions, prices and specifications

Accept orders

Setup processes to make it easy for clients to submit their orders in electronic form

Easy to use

Easily design their E-commerce E-shop and start selling their products in no time

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Dates: ​31/01, 01/02, 07/02, 08/02

Time Table: 14:00-19:15

Duration: 20 Ώρες

Training on E-shop development

Learn how to build your own E-shop and start selling your products online now. No technical skills required.

Course Details

​​​​Have a clear idea of what you want to sell online

Select your style and we will help you bring your E-shop to life