Domain name registration is the first step towards establishing a web presence. It is a pretty simple procedure. You can register and buy your favourite domain name in just a few minutes. You can register your domain name for a minimum of one year time period. With domain name registration, you reserve your name on the web. There are different types of domain name you can choose: .com,.net, .clothing, .ventures, .photography, .kitchen, .consulting, .training and so many more...

About domain name registration

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Register your unique domain name and reserve your space on the web before someone else does

Register your Domain Name

What you can do with a domain name:

  • A Reserve your name on the web. Your domain name is your online name on the web. Register your domain name and use it for your entire web presence.

  • Get your personalized email. You can use your registered domain name with your email address e.g

  • Enhance your brand and build trust. Doing business with an email on your domain and not just gmail or hotmail, is all about professionalism. Your prospects will know that you are a professional with a well established business. With a gmail or other free emails, you simply cannot build credibility and trust. Not to mention risk and security issues.​​

  • Be the owner of your domain name. Don't let anyone else to register and manage your domain name. Don't forget that if your website is successful, the person who controls your domain name also controls your website's success.

  • Localization. Register a localized domain name, indicating that you do business in a specific country or region. If you are doing business in UK, you could register a domain name which is a format of domain name used in United Kingdom. If you are doing business in Australia, you could register and buy a domain name which is used for Australia.

  • Use a keyword in your domain name. Having a keyword within your domain name, will enable it to appear in top results of search engine when someone search with that keyword. Try different combinations to find a domain name that looks and sounds easy and memorable.  

  • ​Protect your privacy and business secrecy. With a private domain name registration, your personal information as an owner will not be visible to anyone​

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