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A CRM system that is so easy and simple to use that will simply amaze you

A CRM tailored to your own needs and requirements

  • Consolidate your contacts in one place. Keep all of your contacts, customers and everything that has to do with them in one place. This will save you time and effort in finding what you want to manage your business

  • View their history. View the history of each and every contact and client with a click of a mouse. Get access to information like support incidents, quotations sent, information requests, complaints, communication persons, etc

  • Pipeline management. Know at any time the status of all interactions you had with your clients. How many leads you have, how many of them expect a quotation, how many expect a meeting, how many pending orders you have, from how many clients you expect a payment etc

  • Targeting for more effectiveness. Put your customers in groups so that you can better target your promotional campaigns based on their preferences 

  • Products sold per customer. Get reports such as products/services a specific client has bought, the total number of products/services sold etc. 

  • Access from anywhere. Access your customers' data from anywhere you have an Internet connection: from home, while abroad, on the move from your mobile device

  • Data protection. Your corporate data is stored on secure, redundant servers and backed up on a daily basis eliminating the chances of losing data due to a local disaster

Managing your clients and customers in the best possible way improves the performance of your business itself. A CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software does exactly that. Gives you the tools to manage the entire relationship you have with your customers and maximize the value of your business.

Just describe your business and we will be able to design and deliver a CRM application that will make your marketing and sales department more efficient and productive.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

About Customer Relationship Management (CRM)