Design a business plan

Design a business plan for bringing their business idea into life 

Research Techniques

Apply research techniques to analyze the external and internal business environment

SWOT Analysis

Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a synopsis from their research  

Segmentation & Positioning

Apply Segmentation, targeting and positioning techniques to formulate their business strategy

Goal Setting

Set well defined corporate goals at all levels of organizational structure

Product Strategies

Apply different product strategies to develop and formulate business offerings to different segments 

Pricing Strategies

Select the right pricing strategy to be used for their product's pricing

Promotional Mix
Describe the different online and offline promotional methods that are available to a start up

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The learning outcomes of this business Start Ups course

With the completion of the course, participants will be able to

About this Start Ups course

The purpose of the course is to equip participants with the knowledge and the skills necessary to give life to their business ideas and kick start their own business.

It covers a wide area of business topics that are useful to both business start up stage and business management stage.
Consider it as a mini MBA course, full of theoretical business concepts applied to real life scenarios in a simple, practical and easy to understand way. 

Distribution Channels

Appreciate the different options available to a business start up in terms of distribution strategy 

The infrastructure

Consider the different available options for business start ups in terms of premises, infrastructure and business tools

Human Resource

Apply Human Resource principles and guidelines to effectively recruit, train, motivate and appraise their people

Risk Management

Apply risk management techniques to assess, and manage the risk of their venture

Return on Investment

Evaluate the expected ROI of the venture in order to decline or reject project


Describe the different fund raising sources for starting up their business

Presentation Skills

Demonstrate convincing arguments to venture capitalists for securing business financing


Distinguish between the different entities under which they can do business

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Business Start Ups course

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