Re-engineer all of your operational processes

  • Customer Relationship Management. Better manage your customer database, keep records on their history, run targeted campaigns and better follow-up on quotations, support requests and sales initiatives

  • Order Management. Receiving and processing orders is a process by itself. Re-engineer it and automate it. Get orders electronically from your salespeople while on the move and assign people at your back office to process them with a click of a mouse

  • Human Resource Management. Filter, search and find any information required with a click of a mouse. Approve annual leave for any employee electronically, keep sick leave days, training attended, appraisals and so many other important data in a secure electronic database.

  • Learning Management. Enable knowledge sharing using an organization-wide electronic knowledge base with product descriptions, procedures, best practices and many other resources essential for your peoples' day to day operations

  • Stock Control. Optimize your stock control processes and track items with low stock quantities on time. Analyze incoming and outgoing flows and get the insight you need to better manage your stock and business purchasing operations.

  • Complaint Management. Digitize and redesign the process to make it easy for complaints to reach your management team. Enable electronic submission of complaints, file and keep a track of all complaints made, check at any time their resolution status and draw reports to identify areas of weakness

  • Document Fill Out Management. Filling out long documents manually can be very time consuming. Just imagine your document being filled out automatically and printed or saved with a click of a mouse. Well...we can do it for you.

  • Purchasing Management. Digitize your purchasing process and keep a digital database of all vendors, RFQs and assessment criteria

  • Task Management. Assign tasks with deadlines to your people and monitor their progress electronically. Get automatically notified if something is done or when your support is required

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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is a business process re-design methodology that aims to improved productivity and lower operating cost. Putting it in simple words, it's re-organizing the way we do our everyday business tasks. 
BPR has a significant impact on business, in cases where technology is introduced and manual tasks and operations are replaced by new automated processes. Re-designing and re-defining your business processes will have a huge impact on your operations resulting in higher levels of customers' satisfaction and lower operating cost.

Redesign and reorganize your business processes

Analyze the way your business processes run and introduce technology to automate them 

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What is Business Process Re-engineering