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Email Marketing solution in Cyprus

We do Email Marketing responsibly and effectively. Your campaign will be delivered, ​guaranteed!

Our Email Marketing solution features

  • Build your own custom mailing list. Design and Build your custom mailing list with as many data fields you want so that you can target your mailing recipients in different ways

  • Design your own custom Email Template. What's cool about our Email Marketing solution, is the freedom to design and use your own fully custom email template really fast and easy

  • Target only the people you want. Target your recipients based on different characteristics such as age, gender, location, industry, job position or any other data field you have specified

  • Personalize your email campaign. Address your recipients with their first name or surname in the main body of the email sent. This will add value to your email communication

  • Comply with the law. There is legislation in all countries governing the execution of mass Email Marketing campaigns. Whatever you do, you need to make sure you comply with all relevant legislation

  • Track your results. Learn how many emails from a campaign  were sent, opened, and how many people clicked on a specific link within your mail

  • Learn how to do Email Marketing. Doing effective Email Marketing campaigns can be tricky if not done knowledgeably. Learn how to master the skills of Email Marketing by attending one of our Email Marketing training courses

  • Support and guidance. We are right next to you 7X24, on every step of the way. We will help you set everything up and keep an eye on you until you are ready to run your campaigns smoothly without any problems

About Email Marketing

Run your Email Marketing campaign, No junk mail guaranteed 

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Our email marketing solution is a powerful, easy-to-use online tool designed to create and manage mailing lists and carry out effective email marketing campaigns.
The problem with most Email Marketing platforms is their low email delivery rates as most emails sent, end up in recipient's junk folder. Our solution is designed in such a way as to quarantee delivery of the email into recipients inbox.