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Google AdWords training course

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On successful completion an "AdWords Specialist" certificate will be awarded

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​​​​The learning outcomes of this Google AdWords training course

With the completion of the training course, participants will be able to:

Learn how Google AdWords can boost your sales

Learn how to build campaigns that will significantly increase your sales

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Time Table: -

Duration: 16 Ώρες

 Goal Setting

Set well defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use them to measure the performance of their promotional activities

Campaign Optimization

Change existing advertising campaigns to make them more cost effective

Google AdWords Elements

Distinguish between Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords and other elements of the Google AdWords account

Performance Optimization

Make bidding decisions and adjust their bidding pricing model to optimize their campaign performance

Performace Assessment

Measure the performance of their advertising efforts with both Google AdWords and Google Analytics 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Adopt best practices for Landing Page Optimization in order to improve chances for prospect conversion

About this Google AdWords training course

The purpose of the program is to help participants learn how to design and execute online advertizing campaigns using the Google AdWords platform. They will learn how to work with different types of Ads such as text, images, video Ads and learn how to advertize on Google Search and Display Network. A part of the course will focus on how to measure their advertizing performance and how to improve it with AdWords tools.

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Paid and Organic results

Distinguish between paid and organic search results

Ad Management

Apply an effective methodology for the management of online advertising campaigns 

Display & Search Network

Define Google Display Network and Google Search Network

The AdWords account

Describe the different sections of a Google AdWords account

Campain Design

Design an advertisingcampaign for Google Search Network and Google Display network

Keyword Selection

Identify the keywords which your prospects use when searching on the web for your products and services

Variety of Ads

Demonstrate ability to design advertizing campaigns with different types of Ads (text, images, video) 

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